Kentucky Boardworks is not only a provider of Reclaimed Wood Flooring and Wood, they are also recyclers on a large scale.  Old barns built from old growth wood are slowly disappearing from the landscape.  Kentucky Boardworks is making an effort to re-use the wood before it is bulldozed or burned.  The idea for the business came about from Warner Brown’s knowledge of reclaimed wood, and Gray Wilson’s knowledge of fine carpentry. The two have created a small business of selling exceptional reclaimed wood.

The main product sold is reclaimed flooring. Flooring made either from slicing open barn beams for a smooth floor, or from lightly planing a board with saw marks in it.  The inventory changes constantly, depending on what is available.  Gray creates amazing furniture and other pieces using the reclaimed wood.

With their own saw mill and wood shop,  Warner creates boards on the saw mill, and Gray creates works of art in the shop. Between the mill, and the shop, the company creates everything from ceiling beams, to veneer for furniture, and flooring.

In a LEED certified project, reclaimed wood can be used to earn points towards certification. There may also be tax credits available for using reclaimed wood.

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